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best forex automation
The MOST advanced software
Looking for the best forex robots?
Are you looking for the best forex expert advisor? Our long-term forex trading robot has all of the best ideas and innovations, merged with time-tested and proven market strategies.

The process of using as much of the best information as possible to enter and exit the market is the foundation for our very successful, automated forex trade robot - ResonanceTraderFX. Over 12 indicators are used, and full automation harnesses raw computing power to compare currency prices and optimize data neurally each and every week.

This robot has emergency margin based stops, that YOU can control. What that means is if a certain percentage of account equity has been lost, the robot closes all of it's trades to protect the account's capital. But do you know what? These stops have NEVER been triggered using the recommended minimum balances for each risk level.

It uses a resonance strategy which can profit from both rising and falling markets. Even though it takes both long and short term views, no positions are held into Friday's close. User adjustable settings are available for experienced traders who want finer control over the robot's automation parameters.

After an extensive year long test with real money in the forex market, we feel that ResonanceTraderFX is finally ready for commercial public release. This fully automated forex trade robot is available to you now for use with your MetaTrader 4 forex brokerage account.

Additionally we also offer the following services and support:

  • Custom MQL4 Expert Advisors (EA's)
  • Custom MQL4 Scripts
  • Custom MQL4 Indicators
  • Custom language trading robots.
  • Backtesting services available.
  • Long term support packages.

Featured Products
  • 02/14/2019
Installation is fast, easy, and automatic and trading with it is 100% hands free - There is no user intervention required. A low Draw-Down, less than 10%, and a high win rate (over 85% accurate) is achieved with news monitoring and dynamic news filters which let the trade robot automatically avoid news times, or determine favorable news events.

The settings are optimized weekly and updated automatically. This forex robot is the best for trading all account types, nano, micro, mini or standard. It is also ECN Compatible and can also be used for automation of trading on 5 digit brokers. You may hold any base currency in your MT4 brokerage with this robot, including USD, CAD, EUR, CHF, AUD, NZD, JPY, GBP
Client Testimonial

"It was a great experience working with them on the expert advisor. They completed the work overnight and kept providing me updates and instructions. I would love to work with them again. They are very professional and smart people. I highly recommend them!"

"Excellent coding, excellent communications"

"I have the EA on a VPS and running well. Only had it running 2 days now and it has traded 4 times(about 30 trades). I have noticed it trades at low volume end of the market more."

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View all of the products we currently offer here. We have what we believe to be the best EA's (expert advisors), MQL4 tools, and other MetaTrader 4 products that money can buy.

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Do you need MT4 indicators, an MT4 script, an MT4 expert advisor, or any custom MQL4 program developed to your specifications? Our team can help. We have extensive knowledge and experience in developing the best EA trading robots, scripts, and MQL4 indicators.

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