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We are a Canadian company incorporated in 2009. We set out with one goal in mind - to develop the best long term successful trading robots. Over the last several years we've noted that there was a lack of reliable long term automated forex trading robots for forex traders. We are dedicated to improving your success rate even if you are a new or an experienced trader who trades the forex market. We are proud to offer several top products and the best services designed to assist foreign exchange (forex) traders, and developers of automated forex ea trading software.


Looking for the best forex ea can be subjective at the 'best' of times. Different people look for different things in forex robots and ask many good questions. Some people want features which they feel are more important than others. Does the forex robot have the lowest draw-downs? Is it the forex robot with highest returns, irrespective of draw-down? Has the forex robot produced consistently over the long term? Has the forex robot produced recently? Is it of the highest quality? How much is the forex robot? Will the forex ea trade more than one pair?

Here at BestForexAutomation, we think it is more important for a forex robot to have a broad combination of these qualities, rather than only one or two of these things. To those questions we have replied with our best forex automated trading robots. We invite you to purchase a 2-week trial version of a forex robot for use on a demonstration account before you commit to purchasing the full version.

Having a forex ea trade more than one currency pair is all well and good, but let us discuss why we feel we should focus on only one currency pair. Focusing on one currency pair's nuances is key. What works for one currency pair may not work for other currency pairs. We can look at a news event that may affect the foreign exchange market, for example. The same news event will have a varied impact across the foreign exchange market for different currency pairs. The news event may also affect some pairs similarly, and others seemingly not at all. Some currency pairs may move quickly in the short term, but others may have set a new longer trend in the opposite direction for. In other words, what's good for the goose might not be good for the gander. Only the best forex ea's take these factors into account when trading. Competitors may purport to be the jack of all trades, but we feel it is better to sucessfully master one currency pair.

Because the forex robot focus on one currency pair per product, does not mean that the other currency pairs are ignored. Quite the opposite. Since all of the currency pairs in the foreign exchange are correlated, we can use those relationships to our advantage. For example the relationship between the GBP/USD and the EUR/GBP gives an indication for where the price for the EURUSD should be. When we examine as many of the other currency pairs as possible on price feeds from different brokers, we can make many calculations to get a better indication for the EUR/USD currency pair. Having this information helps give our forex robot an edge.

Forex Automation

Automation in both the foreign exchange and stock markets is not new. Both stock brokers and forex brokers have been using computing power increasingly over the last several years to automate price feeds and to route orders. In-fact, it was necessary to upgrade automated stock systems after the October 1987 market crash - to ensure they could deal with unexpected spikes in trading volume for the foreseeable future.

Forex retail traders and institutional traders regularly experience large spikes in volumes during and around news times when currency traders move massive volumes of currency in response to, or in anticipation of macro economic news events. If a forex broker's automated systems or dealing desks cannot keep up with the trading volumes, price reqotes, slippage and other undesirable trade errors will inevitably occur - either while trying to fill or liquidate positions. Several forex brokers have now implemented systems to automatically widen the spread before, during, and after news events, to discourage traders from overloading their systems. The best forex robots have systems in place to automatically avoid wide spreads.

Forex automation among all types of retail forex traders has risen substantially over the last decade. It started first with institutional traders, who have access to large amounts of capital and could create black-box systems. Now retail forex traders are increasingly turning to not only partial automation but to forex robots for complete automation. Forex automated or algorithmic trading has many advantages. Some qualities cannot be duplicated by a human trader. One of forex automation's main advantages is in the way many complex calculations can be performed across several currency pairs in just milliseconds - as the price or currency changes in real-time. Decision based rules that stem from these calculations allow the automated forex robot to automatically enter or exit a trade at the best price, and almost instantaneously. Because of market volatility, when a human trader finally decides on a manual entry point or exit point, the price might have moved by several points or possibly more. This can be partially mitigated by entering stop loss and take profit orders, however those options have been, and are largely being eliminated in the United States by their own regulatory bodies. With partial automation, comes some benefits as well, since an automated forex script can close trades 100 times as fast as their human counterparts, re-quotes are dealt with much more efficiently.

An fully automated system, such as a forex robot, has the further advantage of being able to monitor the forex market 24 hours a day, 5 days a week - the entire duration of forex trading. To open and close trades without human intervention or monitoring is something that most forex robots can do today. One might also like to manage the trades of the forex robot themselves, once they are open, or have the forex robot manage them after they have opened trades. Some of the best forex robots today allow you to change parameters such as stop-loss and take-profit levels. Low draw-downs and high returns are the objectives of every trading system, automated or in forex or otherwise. However when a system is not automated, several scenarios will usually occur. If a manual system is not applied in a consistent fashion, or the manual system has a poor win ratio, emotions inevitably overcome the human traders decision making process. This leads to an inconsistent application of the trading system, and/or opening and closing of positions the trader would not have normally opened or closed. Even partially automated forex trading systems can help one to avoid the many stresses of trading manually, and a fully automated forex robot can be ideal for many people.


It has been estimated that more than 95% of retail forex traders eventually fail trading the retail forex market. This is not surprising. Most brokers offer incredibly high leverage, which many new traders simply don't fully understand. The surprising and wild swings in volatility often catch new traders unaware and unwilling to close positions until it is too late. With the complexity of foreign exchange markets, and the increasing numbers of long time professionals who have been automating their strategies, new and inexperienced forex traders are highly disadvantaged. Considering that with one click a new trader can leverage their entire account, it is no wonder that account margin calls systematically occur for new forex traders. If you are a new or an experienced trader, we can offer you partially automated systems and the best fully automatic forex systems that have proven results of successful capital management - over the long term. If you are a forex trader looking to automate some or all of your manual strategy, we can offer programming solutions for you.


If you develop your own forex automated processes, you could be looking for ways to protect your core logic for your program from an ex4 to mql disassembler, or you may be looking for another way to give more consistent trading results to many clients. Our MetaTrader 4 client server software can be the best programming solution for both of these fronts.

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