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The MOST advanced software

This is an Expert Advisor or EA, an automated trading robot that can trade your MetaTrader 4 brokerage account.

Profitable, reliable, and professional are qualities that come to mind when considering an automated trader.

The ResonanceTraderFX EA has a proven history of low draw-downs and high returns.

It is fully compliant with the NFA's anti hedging policy, and will work with all MetaTrader brokers whether hedging allowed or FIFO compliant only.
ResonanceTraderFX trade robot Trial Version Avaliable

ResonanceTraderFX trades carefully to protect your balance, It uses resonating market theory to place trades, and takes into account other market factors such as news, current profit, and overall market direction.

Even though ResonanceTraderFX is careful with it's trade selection, the forex market is so huge and so many resonance opportunities present themselves, that with this forex robot it is possible for you to make more than 400% return on your capital in a SINGLE YEAR...while risking less than 10% of your equity AND winning over 85% of your trades!

Most other robots are short lived and will try to make as much money as possible by risking all of your equity, until they inevitably destroy your balance... sometimes overnight. This robot works differently and takes a long term approach.

BFA client server DLL

Now you can sleep easy knowing that your EA (Expert Advisor) or Custom Indicator's code is safe from being revealed such as with an ex4 to mq4 dissassembler.

The server side rapidly sends the trade or Custom Indicator's signals in your preferred format, directly to multiple customers trading platforms.

Your customized signal processing EA or Custom Indicators can then interpret the signals on the client's side and execute them as trades or use them for an indicator's signal without you ever having exposed your Trade Robot or Custom Indicator's logic to the client machine.
metatrader client server dll Prevent EA dissassembly

Each client who connects to your server uses a secure encrypted connection so that proprietary data cannot be revealed by packet sniffing.

Each time a client connects for the session it uses cryptographically safe methods of generating session keys. Each Client/Server package that is delivered to you is unique and no other Client/Server is compatible with your copy.

Your clients cannot connect to anyone else's server, and no one other than your clients can connect to your server.


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Trading off-exchange foreign exchange (forex) on margin carries a high level of risk and is not suitable for all investors. The possibility exists that you could sustain a substantial loss of some or all of your invested funds and so you should therefore not invest those funds that, if lost, would significantly change your lifestyle. Nothing in this presentation is a recommendation to buy or sell currencies. Trading through an Internet connection carries additional risks. Please read our Risk Disclaimer for further details
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